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For this post, we wanted to offer up a list of excellent Ohio University groups dedicated to helping students in a variety of ways. Be sure to give it a look to find some worthwhile opportunities!

Ohio University Resources

  • Professional Networking Group – This organization is committed to helping students develop their networking skills so they can better their career prospects and increase their options for jobs. Topics discussed include how to conduct oneself when meeting with potential employers, how to engage in job searches, and how to succeed within an office environment.
  • Emerging Leaders – Structured as a one-year accelerated development program, this group helps those in their sophomore year to develop their skills as a leader. Intrapersonal skills and professional skillsets are areas of focus, with mentorship opportunities available as well. Visit their page to learn about how to get involved.
  • Empowered – This group is dedicated to creating a community of women from diverse backgrounds who can collaborate on a variety of topics. Specific areas of focus include balancing the needs of life and school, managing the pressures found in college and social situations, and professional development. A small fee is required for admittance, and attendance to two meetings a month is required to stay active within the organization.
  • The Gathering Place – Adults who are coping with issues stemming from mental illness can find resources and assistance through The Gathering Place, a community organization which has been in place since 1976. Activities regularly held in their facilities include karaoke, bingo, lunches, music therapy, yoga, art workshops, gardening, movie nights, game tournaments, and more.
  • Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention – This organization’s mission is to promote leadership and scholarship development for global students. Some of their key areas of focus include their LINKS Program for first-year students and their one-on-one support to help students forge a pathway to success.
  • Ohio University Student Senate – If you’re looking to get involved in student government, you’ll want to attend some meetings of the OU student senate. Currently, meetings are held on Wednesdays and are open to the public. You can let your voice be heard on a range of student and university issues, or even run for a position yourself.
  • Swarm – This group is dedicated to the issues pertaining to those within the LGBTIQQAA community. Meetings are held weekly every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Baker Center, with a range of topics discussed.
  • The OU Nutrition Club – For those wanting to learn about a healthy diet and improve their daily lives, this is the perfect group to become involved with. Though those in the Applied Nutrition Tract are the major focus, the group is open to anyone with an interest in the subject of nutrition. A fee of $25 per year is charged to help cover meeting supplies.
  • OU Fitness Club – Going hand in hand with the Nutrition Club is the Fitness Club, an organization dedicated to metabolic conditioning, aerobic fitness, strength training, and gymnastic training. Meetings are held in the Ping Center and members are expected to regularly attend to maintain status as an active member.
  • The American Association of University Women – This organization, operating since 1881, is a national association committed to helping women advance within college and their careers. Educational workshops, community outreach, interview preparation, women in STEM, speaking engagements, and CV building are just some of their areas of focus.
  • American Sign Language Club – If you have someone in your life who is deaf, or if you are simply looking to learn sign language and expand your skillset, you can join this club and gain a host of insights. Many issues relating to deaf culture and awareness are addressed within meetings. Dues are required either per semester or per year.
  • ACLU Student Group – Committed to raising awareness of civil liberty issues and helping to safeguard said civil liberties in the Athens community, this group is ideal for anyone looking to enter law or political science, or simply those who are wanting to be civically engaged. Open to all current Ohio University students, faculty, and staff. Common events include speak outs, guest lectures, debates, and seminars.
  • Help a Lady Out – This group, also known by their acronym HALO, is designed to foster a welcoming community for the support of Ohio University women. Social events, speaking engagements, workshops, field trips, and more are all part of the regular slate of activities this group offers.
  • Survivor Advocacy Program – This support and advocacy group seeks to assist student survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Three full-time, licensed social workers are on staff to oversee all issues. Services are available at Lindley Hall 038.
  • Sleep Disorder Support Club – For those struggling with issues related to sleep disorders, this Ohio University organization can help. Group discussions, advice, and more are all offered at meetings, and friends, significant others, and family members are all welcome to attend with sleep disorder sufferers.
  • Center for Student Legal Services – For over twenty years, this organization has been providing affordable legal help to Ohio University students. Two full-time attorneys supply assistance for a range of legal issues that will be taken to the Athens County courts. Check out the center’s site to either attain their services, or learn about them in case you ever need help!

Of course, these are just a sampling of all the terrific student organizations available at Ohio University and within Athens. You can visit the university’s website for dozens of additional offerings, including major-specific groups, clubs dedicated to various hobbies, outreach programs, and more!

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