1. What is your title, what are some of your regular duties and how long have you been working at University Commons?

    My title is Leasing Agent. Some duties include: signing lease agreements, assisting with condo sales, and giving tours of our model unit. I have been working at university commons since April, 2014.

  2. What are some of the benefits to working with college students that you may not experience as much when working with other demographics?

    Since working at University Commons for four years now, the benefits I see when engaging with college students is watching them balance college and life.

  3. How does University Commons positively stand out from other housing options in Athens?

    Ease of leasing process, convenience at an affordable cost and move-in ready.

  4. What features within University Commons do you think are the most popular with your residents?

    Amenities, one main feature being our private bus service. Additionally, all units are fully furnished and include a deluxe houseware package.

  5. What are some measures you and your team take to check on and bond with your residents? (i.e. mixers, giveaways)

    Resident pool party and annual tailgating party. Prizes and giveaways. #WinningWednesday bus gift card.