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FIVE FREE things to do Outside in Athens … once it warms up!

If you’re like me, you’re ready for warm weather. As we (hopefully) get closer to sunny skies, start thinking of how you want to enjoy the sun with this list of things you can do outside without spending money!

1. Play Volleyball on South Green

Unless you live in a dorm on South Green, it is ... Read More

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Top 8 Things to do in Athens, OH

1. Take a walk around The Ridges

The Ridges is home to Athens’ old mental health institution. Originally named the Athens Asylum for the Insane when opened in 1874, this institution closed its doors in 1993 and is now referred to as the Ridges. Visitors can still enter the main building, which is ... Read More

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New Years Resolution

Welcome back Bobcats! Hopefully you’ve had a good start to the new semester! It’s not only a new semester, but also the New Year, meaning some of you may have made a New Year’s resolution. Sometimes it’s hard to

know where to start when fulfilling them, so I went ahead and created a list of ways students can use ... Read More

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Fall 2013 Market Report

The Fall 2013 University Commons Market Report

At the present time there are eighteen (18) active listings in University Commons; the total number of available properties increased by one (1) since our last report. This total includes fourteen (14) four bedroom units with asking prices ranging from $79,900 to $92,000; and three (3) two bedroom units with asking prices ranging ... Read More

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University Commons New Bus

University Commons 2013/14 brings new transportation for its residents!

While campus is but a short walk away, the option of scheduled bus service provides transportation to and from campus and uptown hourly, coinciding with classes at the University.

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Enjoy Winter Break in Athens

As final’s week ends and the students of Ohio University let out a collective sigh of relief, pack their cars, and head home for the holidays, there are still a few of us who will be staying in town and are looking forward to a winter in Athens.

Thanks to the still recent switch from quarters to semesters, we all get ... Read More