Looking for the Best Ohio University Graduate Housing?

If you’ve chosen to pursue higher education at Ohio University as a graduate student, first off – congratulations! Being accepted into one of the graduate school programs at OU is no easy task.

That being said, we know that the start of graduate school will bring with it new responsibilities and commitments that go beyond an undergraduate’s normal schedule. With that in mind, you’ll need a living environment that is peaceful, stress-free and affordable. At University Commons, you get all of that and more.

Providing a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, University Commons fosters an ideal study environment for residents, making it perfect for Ohio University graduate housing.

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    Setting Ourselves Apart from Other Ohio University Graduate Housing

    Here at University Commons, we’ve been able to provide ideal conditions needed for an Ohio University graduate student’s apartment.

    With fully furnished residences, a private bus service to campus, a community study room and more, we cater to students who are focused and motivated, but also looking to enjoy themselves in picture-perfect surroundings.

    Our Ohio University graduate apartments offer our residents a wide variety of features and amenities, including:

    • Spacious studio, two and four-bedroom units (all two and four-bedroom units have a storage unit available)
    • A full OU grad apartment houseware package to go with our fully furnished residences and make life a little easier
    • Clubhouse with swimming pool, workout facility and free computer/printer service
    • Free parking for residents and their guests
    • Washer and dryer in each apartment
    • Friendly, helpful on-site staff and maintenance team
    • Convenient, online payment service and more!

    OU Graduate Apartments at an Affordable Cost

    Another beneficial factor that comes with living at University Commons is the tremendously affordable experience you’ll have. We understand that your higher education will be your priority, and you want to secure affordable housing for Ohio University grad students.

    Our aim has always been to eliminate the stress of high rental costs and the financial issues that arise from them.

    One way that University Commons has actively cut the costs that come with living in an apartment at Ohio University is by offering the following at no cost to you (in addition to our complimentary bus services and parking):

    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Trash

    By making these features completely free, University Commons has eliminated costs that other apartment complexes would otherwise additionally charge for. We genuinely care about our students and want those who are attending OU for graduate school to have a hassle-free living experience so they can go on to great futures!

    With a wide variety of services and amenities at your disposal – all for a very affordable monthly rent – University Commons is the perfect option for housing for graduate students at OU.

    Learn More about the Best Ohio University Graduate Housing

    Whether you’re studying poolside at our Community Clubhouse, getting schoolwork done at your furnished desk or taking the bus to the campus library for an all-nighter, we know that graduate school may sometimes feel overwhelming. Don’t let your living arrangements add any stress into your life.

    Instead, be aware that University Commons is dedicated to providing hassle-free, convenient apartments for Ohio University grad students. To learn more about our apartments, schedule a visit, or receive leasing information, be sure to contact us by filling out the form above.